Monday, March 07, 2005

Literary Blogs (the other kind)

You kind of want to give lit blogs a hug when they get repeatedly insulted and patronized by print publications. You kind of want to rub* their arms and reassure them that it's okay, that publicity is publicity is good publicity. People are taking note of lit blogs, and that's a good thing.

It's the other type of literary blog that I'm worried about - wonderfully well-written weblogs that get passed over in favor of light and funny. I love getupgrrl. But I also love Laura Joldersma's lovely condensed prose and Michael Barrish's half-true whimsy. The noises I produce while reading Mind are either chortles or chuckles. Mayhaps some British combination of the two.

Ahem. Where's their New York Times feature?

But maybe we need to realize that newspapers are no longer the only key to fame and fortune and vindication. Or maybe we should stop worrying about the above and just be happy with our three Bloglines subscribers. Two if my self-subscription doesn't count.

*That's probably not the verb I'm looking for.