Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Lemony Snicket

At some point in the future I will expound on the fabulous phone conversation I had with Daniel Handler (the man behind A Series of Unfortunate Events), but for now I will content myself with talking about his delightful children's book series. I'm not sure where the influx of homosexual* adjectives came from.

But seriously, every once in a while I take a little break from reading high-brow/trendy literature and pick up one of these and set aside an oh-so-enjoyable hour to breeze through it. Children's books are really the only books I can breeze through without guilt nowadays; all these literary writers are always so clever and subtle that I have to carefully pore over every word to make sure I don't miss anything. Mr. Handler is funny in a way that's not self-congratulating or reader-abusing; he slips in cute references once in a while, but they never inhibit the reader's enjoyment.

If you're getting tired of watching American Idol 9 (or whatever number we're on now), try picking up one of these for a relaxing read that doesn't leave a bad aftertaste. And for goodness' sake: read the books before you watch the movie.

*How un-PC.