Sunday, March 06, 2005


Eyelids are all: "Make this post quick, before we descend."

So I am back and kicking (albeit droopily) from Boston. To those curious, I ended up bringing Proust (good for before-bed) and a book of plays by Sophocles (bus-reading). Giddy with baby-sitting wealth, I also ended up buying, oh, eight or nine used books at the Harvard Book Store, including Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (DFW), Immortality (Kundera), This is Not a Novel (Markson), and Ishmael (Quinn). I also grudgingly parted with a ten and a five for Cloud Atlas, as a result of hip from hypsters.

This is also the last time I begin reading this many books at the same time. Somebody that I admire recently remarked, his hand very much off-, that he read as many as six books at once. Evidently, this kept his reading interesting and fended off "Why isn't this book getting good yet?"-syndrome.

So the reason why the upper-right hand corner is so distressingly oversaturated is because I was practicing the highest form of flattery. But there comes a time, e.g.* now, when I need to admit to myself that I'm more or less terrible at multi-tasking.

*If you don't know the difference between e.g. and i.e., which I didn't until about two minutes ago, I recommend this clever little explanation.