Monday, June 27, 2005

Ismail Kadare

If you haven't been following the International Man Booker Prize, you should be. Kadare is such a thrilling character - an exiled dissident ("Every time I wrote a book, I had the impression that I was thrusting a dagger into the dictatorship." - NYSun article), writing in a language so obscure that the English translation has to be translated from the French translation, about a country that most people forget about with a style that "owes far less to magic realism than to Kafka, and to Albanian epic and myth (Ibid)." - that I'm excited for him even though I haven't read any of his books (a fact which I will remedy at some point, believe you me!).

For all your international fiction coverage needs, it's all about the Literary Saloon - head over for everything you could want to know. I especially recommend the charming article written by Kadare's English translator, David Bellos - "The Englishing of Ismaïl Kadaré".

All this if my site isn't broken, that is. I've been having trouble accessing the main page for the past couple days, so if you can still read this, can you drop me an email? Thanks.