Friday, April 08, 2005

Poetry magazine

Many, many months ago, I signed up for a promotion that Poetry magazine was doing - all book clubs could get free March issues to be used for discussion. Since we have a modest little pseudo-club at our school, I went to the dinky little website (this was before the classy remodel), signed up for it and that was that.

They came two weeks ago and well but oooh, aren't they gems. We discussed them at our club last week, selecting poems almost at random to read aloud. Unsettling how high-caliber and absorbing all the poems were, even to our untrained ears. Billy Collins is amazing, as are J. Allyn Rosser, A.E. Stallings, Dean Young, and Averill Curdy.

There was also a rather interesting series of essays about the relationship between the poet and his audience. Which I have nothing of note to add to, but you should read about anyway.

Blah. The reason I haven't blogged because I've been reading rather passively for the past week. We'll see if things pick up.